Decorating With A Dark Green Sofa

by Ann

Remix Stripes - Designed by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Remix Stripes - Designed by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

I need advice on how to decorate a living room space with a dark turtle green sofa and chair.

My walls are painted in a peachy beige color and the flooring is a light maple wood. I want to add a rug and a chair with accessories to pull them all together. I have two red chairs but am afraid to use them for fear of it looking like Christmas!

I have white wall trim but have dark wood furniture pieces.

I would like the room to have a homey, comfortable feel.

Andrea's Response

I quite understand what you are saying about the room looking too Christmasy if you use the red chairs in the same room as the green sofa but I think there is a way round that and it is such a shame to not use the chairs as you already have them.

You just need a way of linking the red and green together that is in no way twee or Christmasy and I think the striped fabric above fits the bill.

Not only does it incorporate shades of red and green but also seems to have a beige at the edge which (hopefully!) will tie in nicely with your wall color.

You could use this fabric to make a couple of throw pillows and/or a fabric wall panel which will bring all the colours in the room together beautifully.

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