Christmas Decorating Tips

by Barbara

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

I am trying to spice up my vacation house for the holiday rental time.

I am looking for ideas and extra money opportunities.

Andrea's Response:

Hello and thank you for your question.

I think that providing Christmas decorations for your guests is so important and will enhance their enjoyment of your property greatly.

We talk about the benefits of this and ways to decorate your property to delight your guests at this special time of year on our Christmas page and I would add to that that if I were staying in a rental property overseas, I would love to have some decorations around that were specific to the area in which we were staying and not just the traditional things that we are familiar with.

Do you live local to the property? I think that in terms of making additional income over Christmas, a lot depends on where you live as I think the easiest way to make money is by offering services to your guests that will make their stay more comfortable.

Anything from a shopping service prior to their trip (to save them having to carry heavy items on their journey) to a taxi service on Christmas day could earn you extra income.

Are you a good cook? Preparing and cooking a meal could be a source of income as could making and selling local food specialities – cakes, sweets etc.

I hope you found that helpful and let’s wait and see if anyone else contributes to this page with some more suggestions.

Kind regards,


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Vacation Holidays
by: Barbara

This is a great idea and some I have already thought about at least the unusual decorations vs. traditional. However, I never thought about the taxi and baking ideas. But for me I'm 800 miles away and would have to pay extra for property manager to actually do this work. If it were me I would and thank you for those wonderful ideas!

Tropical Beach Cottage by the Gulf by a BOI (that's born on the island for those non-Islanders)

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