Brown and Gold Lounge

by Susie
(Newportnews, Virginia)

Brown and Gold Fabric Swatch

Brown and Gold Fabric Swatch

I have an off-white suede couch with a deep chocolate ottoman and white coffee table and end table.

What color should I paint the walls?

The carpet is champagne and I also have an accent chair that looks kinda like honey which I would also like to use in the living area.

I love color, usually rich ones.

Andrea’s Response

Hi Susie

I suggest you stick with the basic color scheme that you already have.

Shades of sand and honey work well with chocolate brown so I see no need to add in any other color.

Why not try to find a fabric that brings it all together - such as the one pictured above. You could use this fabric to make a couple of throw pillows for the sofa or perhaps a stylish wall panel.

I would use this sparingly though and for the other cushions and drapes I would stick with you basic colors but with plain fabrics and maybe add in some different texture – velvet curtains, suede cushion covers and a sheepskin rug for example.

As you mention you like color Susie, you may also like to consider painting a feature wall in a rich shade of gold.

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