Bedspread Color

by Mel

Silver Bed In A Bag

Silver Bed In A Bag

I have floral wallpaper in my bedroom, the main colors being a warm burgundy, soft rose and pale gray.

I really don't want to have to redecorate so would like to keep with this color scheme if it's possible.

I am planning on getting new bedding now - what color would you suggest for a suitable bedspread?

Andrea’s Response

Hi Mel

If you are going for a ladylike and classy Master Bedroom look, I would definitely suggest you look at silver.

Gold is often my first choice for the Master Bedroom but given that you already have gray and pink, silver would be more suitable. If you can find a bedding set that has a touch of pink or burgundy in the trim that would be even better.

Something like the one pictured above would be ideal - available online from Vision Decor.

If that doesn't appeal at all, navy blue also looks really good alongside pink and gray.

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