Apartment With Small Living Room

by Pat
(Anoka, Mn)

Plan Using A Sofa As A Room Divider

Plan Using A Sofa As A Room Divider

I am moving into an apartment and the living room is rectangular.

The dining room meets the living room on one end and the patio door the other end.

I have a full size sofa and a love seat and a 60" big screen TV.

We wanted to put the TV in the corner by the patio door but don't know where to put the sofa and love seat.

Please help.

Andrea's response:

When you have a combined living and dining room, it is nice to be able to distinguish between the two areas.

Given the furniture that you have, I suggest you use your sofa to create a dividing line between the two 'rooms' as shown in the above diagram.

Kind regards,


Actually Pat, having just re-read your question I'm wondering - is the dining room a separate room?

If that is the case I would suggest you swap the sofa and loveseat around in the above diagram as the sofa isn't needed as a divider and may be blocking access to the dining room.

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