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Vacations with kids can be hard work so do Mom and Dad a favor and do all you can to make your property right for family friendly vacations.

As a mum myself, I know all about vacations with kids and appreciate that parents must have confidence that the vacation property they have chosen will not only be safe and secure but also fun.

There can be nothing more disappointing than hearing the words ‘I’m bored!’ coming from your children’s mouths when you have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to take them on vacation so make your property full of fun.

Green Luggage

More and more airlines are clamping down on the amount of baggage you can take on planes and parents that need to fly to their destination simply don’t have space to take a large supply of games to keep the little ones amused.

Compendium of Games

We always provide a supply of games suitable for a broad age range and have TV/DVD combis in all bedrooms. Even something as simple as a couple of packs of playing cards is a welcome find on a rainy day.

There is always a portable CD/stereo available as I know how much my own daughter likes to listen to a story tape at bedtime – especially when staying in a strange place. Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter has soothed her to sleep on many occasions and I have to say that Harry Potter CDs are also my 'top tip' for keeping kids quiet on a long car journey.

If your budget is a bit limited the items need not be new as long as they are clean and in reasonable condition with no bits missing. Without going to any great expense, it is easy to pick up a selection of books, audio books and DVDs either by asking around friends and family if they have anything that they don’t want anymore (and who hasn’t?) or by paying just a few ££s or $$s in a thrift or charity shop.

If you have a top of the range property, you would be well advised to spend some money on an ipod docking system as I'm sure your guests would enjoy this.

The enjoyment of these things by your guests will greatly outweigh the small expense to you and will certainly enhance their enjoyment of your vacation property – especially on the occasional wet, housebound day.

Traveling With A Family

Do you have a great tip for someone traveling with babies or children?

What have you done to make traveling with the kids less stressful?

We would love to hear from you.

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