Window Treatment Nightmare

by Bertha

$12 Curtains With Walmart Sheets

$12 Curtains With Walmart Sheets

There are numerous ways that you can decorate windows without spending a lot of money.

The one way that I tried did not work out like the pictures in the magazines that I was trying to duplicate. I was using regular sheets for window treatments. It involved twisting two sheets together so that they looked like a two-toned ribbon and draping them across the top and sides of the window.

For some reason, when the sheets were twisted, they did not look pretty at all. It may have been the type of material of the sheets were made off that maybe would have made a difference in how they looked. When the sheets were put up to the window, they made the entire room look cheap.

If satin sheets are being used, they are much prettier when making the ribbon pattern. Use one dark color and one light color. For instance, red and white or pink and navy blue. Also, please do not use plaid sheets unless you are using one plaid and one plain colored sheet.

So, the idea of using sheets as window treatments really does work but the texture and color of the sheets are vitally important.

Andrea's Response

I have never used sheets for curtains but agree that they can be useful sources of cheap material for other window treatments such as padded window pelmets.

I'm sure that the type of window treatment you were trying to recreate would work much better with a lightweight fabric with more drape-ability.

My thanks to Adventures of Pam & Frank @ flickr for their photo 'Here are my $12 curtains'

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