While Decorating, Beware of Toddlers!

by Shana
(Lowell, MA)

Kids Watching TV

Kids Watching TV

When we purchased a new home, we didn't have family in the area to help us get settled in. We also didn't know anyone in the area who could baby-sit our children either.

We figured setting the children up with some dvds to watch would give us time to paint our living room. What a mistake this was!

My husband and I were painting the living room and thoroughly concentrating on what we were doing.

Our toddler was supposed to be watching the TV while our older children kept an eye on him. Apparently, the program was very distracting for the older kids as he found his way out of the room and into the room we were in.

He saw us painting and decided he wanted to help. Without us noticing, he climbed up on some boxes and began to try to paint. By the time we noticed, it was too late. The boxes tumbled down along with him on them!

Instead of spending our afternoon finishing painting our beautiful new living room, we spent it in the emergency room making sure our son didn't have a concussion. Luckily, our poor little boy only had a bump on his head.

Our living room remained half painted for two weeks until we found proper childcare for our children so that we could finish up. Never again will I underestimate the need for baby-sitters while home decorating.

My thanks to .j.e.n.n.y. @ flickr for the photo

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