West Facing Green, Blue And Purple Room

by Douglas
(San Jose, CA)

Abstract Purple and Green Fractal Designs on Turquoise Background by Albert Klein

Abstract Purple and Green Fractal Designs on Turquoise Background by Albert Klein

I'm looking to paint my room in three different colors - green, blue and purple.

My room faces west (in California) and gets quite a bit of sun during the summer months, so I'm looking to do cool colors.

I'm thinking about painting three of the walls a soft green (quiet prairie green)and the fourth wall maybe an aquamarine blue (it's the wall that is towards the outside and with the window).

The ceiling will stay white, and the purple will be for the window and door trim. Not sure on the exact hue but it will be a light purple or violet.

The floors will hopefully be a pergo style laminate that if I get my choice will be in bamboo style. The floor molding I'm thinking will be white in color or of the same design as the floor.

Please tell me what you think or if you have any input or ideas for me. Thanks in advance.

Andrea's Response

I was really with you there until we got to the purple bit!

Personally, I think the blue and green would be great with a white trim and you may find that it is a bit much when you add in a third color - especially a strong color like purple.

That said, I am a firm believer in what looks best actually being the thing you like most so if you want a room that is green, blue and purple then you must go for it.

I do feel though that the 'secret' to bringing a room together is in having something that brings all the colors together in one item whether it is a fabric for use in pillows or drapes, a rug or alternatively a piece of art.

The above picture by Albert Klein may not be to your taste (although I think it is stunning) and may not be the right shades of blue, green and purple for your room but hopefully illustrates the point. A picture like this - and All Posters have a terrific range - would look great in any room but if you can find something that brings all your colors together you could have a really good looking room.

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