Wall Decor With Cheap Notecards

by Jenn
(San Antonio, Texas)

Martha Stewart Three Photo Collage Frame

Martha Stewart Three Photo Collage Frame

When I moved into my new house, the first thing I needed to do was to pick out my color schemes for each room.

Once I had done that, I knew what range of complementary colors I would be considering for any given space.

For example, I decided to do light and dark blue in my small bathroom, so I knew I would be looking for grey, silver, or another shade of blue as wall accents.

I went to a really nice gallery in town that sold embossed prints in a variety of sizes, and found three different prints I liked by the same artist.

The gallery sold embossed 3" by 5" notecards of the prints, so I wound up buying all three pieces for less than $5.

I bought dark blue matting and silver frames from a hobby store for around $20 – so the entire project wound up costing me less than $30!

Andrea's Response

Thanks for this Jenn - I like it.

I have done something similar myself but using a collage frame like the one above to group the pictures.

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