Trying To Stay Sane For A Long Car Trip

by Trish
(Lafayette, Louisiana)

I have taken several long car trips with my toddler and one big difference that was made clear to me was the time of day.

My family lives in another state so we don't go that often, its a six-hour drive.

One trip because of work, my husband and I decided to leave later in the day rather than take the whole day off by leaving in the morning.

It was the best traveling decision made.

Babies and toddlers both are fascinated by lights and movement and so, being on the highway and going through the bigger cities allowed for both. Anytime my son started to whimper a bit, I could point out the lights and that would hold him for a little while. Not forever but enough time between stopping points.

We did make frequent stops - you absolutely have to - but as the night approached and bedtime was still driving time, it was so much more peaceful when he was asleep.

I have since then traveled closer to his bedtime, so the road trip would be quieter. This way there are less stops and I am able to talk to my husband without interruption. Or course, that means that the cell phone is on vibrate.

I understand that there are those who aren't crazy about traveling at night with a toddler or baby and I certainly do understand why but this is what works for me and I am grateful for the discovery of it.

My thanks to tomeppy @ flickr for the lovely photo

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