Traveling With Toddlers

by Bertha

Happy Baby

Happy Baby

If you think that traveling with children is always fun, well, it can be a challenge for even the most experienced - and patient - parent.

Sometimes toddlers are very easy going and not that hard to please.

I will let you in on a secret, just take a long drive with a toddler that is teething and you will have a different perspective on traveling with your precious bundle!

It is best to try to plan in advance for the trip.

Think of things that your toddlers likes to play with at home. If you know the toys that your child likes to play with, include them on the trip.

Nowadays, you can buy CDs just for toddlers. We are all familiar with Sesame Street and most children enjoy the songs and stories that are told on this show. A portable CD player and videos will provide hours of entertainment for your children.

Food and snacks are important. All children have favorite snacks and drinks. Keeping the child satisfied will allow you to enjoy your trip too. The idea is to create a home-like atmosphere while riding in the car.

Packing finger foods for your child will also help you during feeding time. Foods that can be held and eaten without your assistance would be ideal for the trip.

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