Teenage Bedroom Dilemma

by Kasey
(Shepherdsville, KY)

A Teenage Girl's Bedroom

A Teenage Girl's Bedroom

I'm a teenager and I need a more grown up color for my room - what color could it be?

My room is pink now.

Andrea’s Response

A lot comes down to your budget Kasey. Do you have the money available to completely redecorate the room - including new carpet and bedding or are you trying to make your room look better without any great expense or work?

For example, you may find that if you paint one or two walls in, say, a silver gray or dark blue then the room will already have a more grown up look for just the cost of a tin of paint.

If you have a larger budget then the world is your oyster and you can do what ever you like - subject to parental approval of course! Black and white + one really bright accent color (shocking pink, lime green, bright red...) is a great color scheme and you can keep the black and white and just change the accent color in the future if you get bored with it.

If you are hoping to change the look and feel of your room on a budget - which is how it usually works for most of us - then I suggest you live with the pink but tone it down by picking another color (maybe gray or dark blue as mentioned before) and use this for one or two walls, a throw on the bed to cover much of the existing pink bedding, some extra pillows on the bed and perhaps a plain rug on the floor if you have existing carpeting you need to obscure.

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Oct 26, 2015
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Great Advice! Here's another...
by: KC Cohn

Excellent advice, Andrea! I especially like the Black & White with a splash of something bright.

Another option that I've been using a lot with my Color Consults is utilizing an Olive Green Color with Pink. It has a surprisingly calming effect. So, whether your teen dilemma chooses to repaint 2, 3, or all 4 walls Olive Green, utilizing Pink as the accent will give a more sophisticated look to an otherwise child-like feel.

I suggest Benjamin Moore's "Lapland" from the Affinity Palette or "Providence Olive" from the Historic Palette.

Fabulous website! Keep up the great work and articles!

Colorfully Yours,
KC Cohn
Color Consultant
Room Color Schemes

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