Not Liking Oak Trim At All

by Donna
(Caledon, Canada)

Warm Oak Kitchen

Warm Oak Kitchen

I don't know where to start...

I just purchased this home and I'm having a hard time getting used to oak trim, just not liking it.

I truly love dark floors and white trim but don't know where to start?

Any advice or suggestions would be wonderful! Thank you in advance.

Andrea's Response

Hi Donna and thanks for writing in.

I have looked at your home (I have deleted the link from here now) and must say it is really beautiful.

You have such big windows and lovely views of 'the great outdoors' that the natural honey-yellow of oak seems to me by far the most appropriate color of wood you could have in your home and clearly the house builders thought so too as there seems to be a lot of wood trim in the pictures.

Personally I love oak and think it is a much gentler, softer look than the dark floors with white that you prefer. Because the use of oak seems so extensive, I think it would be a major under-taking if you are considering replacing the oak or - Heaven forbid! - are thinking of painting over it.

You say you have only recently bought this property - there must have been something about it that you loved and with the oak finish being an intrinsic part of the overall look, I feel sure that a little part of you already likes the oak and maybe it is just that historically dark wood and white has been your preference and perhaps your taste is changing...?

Honestly Donna it seems the best and most appropriate finish for this style of home and I have no doubt that in time you will come to love it.

My thanks to tandemracer @ flickr for the photo

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