Never Trust the Color on the Paint Can

by Felicia
(Los Angeles, Ca, USA)

Bright Paint Colors

Bright Paint Colors

My dad had plans to be out of town for the weekend so my mom thought it would be nice to surprise him with a few home renovations.

My sister and I agreed to help out as we thought he would appreciate this, seeing as he was always fixing things around the house for us.

We decided that the project we would tackle would be to clean up the laundry room.

The laundry room was the messiest room in the house, something we were able to get away with as no one spent much time in there besides to take care of the laundry.

The walls of the laundry room were not even painted, they were plain and the color of the primer that someone had taken the time to apply before they apparently lost interest and decided to forgo actually painting.

So, my mother made up her mind that we would paint the laundry room - despite the fact that 11 and 7 year olds probably do not make the best painters! Be that as it may, we were there to support her and set to work.

We arrived at Home Depot and soon found ourselves in the paint section, arguing over which shade of green would look best. We knew that my dad loved being outdoors and thought it would be nice to select a forest green for the walls of the laundry room.

We arrived at home with the paint and set about trying to get as much painting done as we could before we tired of it. My mother, sister and I decided we had had enough and would finish up the next day.

We awoke the next day and went straight to the laundry room to survey our paint job. Shrieks of appal were followed by fits of giggles as we stared in shock at the bright neon green walls of our laundry room!

Once my dad arrived home, he was surprised, to say the least and decided that perhaps he was better-suited as far as home projects go.

Andrea's Response

Well good for you anyway Felicia for having a go and I'm sure the Laundry Room was a good place to start.

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