My Decorating Tips For Someone With A Small Bathroom

by Susheelkumar

Catalina Accessories by Walmart

Catalina Accessories by Walmart

Here are my best small bathroom makeover ideas, including selecting bathroom colors, to create beautiful bathrooms no matter the size - small areas can live large in design, interest and style!

Choose a lighter paint color for the walls. Lighter colors make rooms feel bigger. Pick a soft pastel for the bathroom walls.

Create the look of a raised ceiling by painting lattice or installing crown molding that is the same color as the ceiling.

Bring color into your bathroom with bright towels, shower curtain and accessories. Make up for the light wall color by adding accessories that don't clutter your bathroom, but add character and color.

Hang a mirror on your wall to make your bathroom look larger. A mirror will reflect your colors, bouncing the light in different directions. This will trick the eye into thinking the bathroom is really bigger than it is.

Choose soft lighting for the bathroom - natural light is best.

Consider adding a window or skylight if you don't have one already. Try to choose incandescent lighting instead of fluorescent lighting. Recessed lighting or wall sconces can add warmth to the bathroom.

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