Make A Clock Out Of An Old Book!

by Courtney
(Bloomington, IL)

Karlsson Book Clock

Karlsson Book Clock

This craft idea is a great way to use old books that you do not read anymore.

It is simple, easy, and a fun project for any kids who want to help!

These clocks are great for any room of the house, and especially nurseries or kids' rooms.

Cookbook clocks look great in the kitchen, too!

To complete this craft, you need a book, drill, clock set (clock kit), glue, and X-Acto knife (optional), wall mount (optional).

Clock sets can be purchased at craft stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby) or big chain stores with craft sections (WalMart, KMart).

Select an old hardcover book from your shelf, or pick one up from a thrift store. The best books are relatively lightweight, but at least half an inch thick.

Remember that if you'll be hanging this on the wall, books that are too heavy will be harder to hang! You also need to make sure the book is thick enough for the clock set to fit inside.

Mark the cover of the book wherever you want the center of you clock face to sit. Drill a hole in the cover; the size of this hole will be determined by the size of the clock set you purchased. Before inserting the clock set into the book, either cut/tear out all of the pages, or use the X-Acto knife to cut a hole large enough for the clock set.

Insert the clock set between the book covers, and attach the hands. Glue the clock numbers onto the book cover. The best way to do this is to start with 3, 6, 9, and 12, using the minute hand as your guide for how far from the midpoint your numbers should go.

You can also paint the numbers before gluing them on to coordinate them with your book cover. If you want to hang your clock on the wall, attach the wall mount to the back of it.

Your clock is all finished!

Andrea's Response

Sounds like a fun idea Courtney and I like that you can tie in the subject matter of the book to the room.

If making your own book clock seems too much like hard work for you, the Karlsson Book Clock (pictured above) is a great option and would look really good on a book shelf.

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