Lime Green Overload!

by Danielle

Lime Green Overload!

Lime Green Overload!

So it all started out one evening when my husband and I thought painting my little cousin's room in her parents' vacation house for her birthday was the greatest idea ever! She always told me how she wanted a fun room that she would love to play in during the summer months when she was vacationing.

This was a spur of the moment idea, and I was not aware of what I was getting myself into. My husband had to work, and I only had two days to do it; I was stuck with myself. Researching some good tips for painting would have been a smart thing for me to do; unfortunately, I didn't.

My first mistake was not putting a primer layer over the dark blue walls. This gave a "lovely" shade of lime green/blue!

Next, I did not buy plastic to put over the floor. Now and forever, my little cousin will have green polka dots on her floor to cover up the many spills!

Another item that would have been awesome to know about was the edger. This makes going close to the molding on the ceilings and floors very easy. I did my best with the roller brushes.

Although I did not follow the correct guidelines, the room did end up being bright and beautiful! You may just about need sunglasses to see inside but my little cousin loved it - that was all that mattered. She even liked the polka dots on the floor!

My husband just laughed at me when I told him the story, and he told me that he would take time off of work to help me with our next painting job!

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