Kitchen Paint Colour

by Maree

Mill Creek Meena Terracotta

Mill Creek Meena Terracotta

My kitchen measures approx 20ft x 11ft.

I have tiles on my kitchen floor that are green, orange, yellow and cream - a warm mix in each tile.

The kitchen cabinets are in solid pine and the ceiling is white.

I got recessed lights fitted recently as the kitchen was too dark.

It is a north facing room - what colour should I paint the walls?

I was thinking of a warm cream on 3 walls and a strong warm orange on the fourth wall, what do you think?

The skirting board and doors are currently varnished - could I paint them in cream/white as I did the same in the hallway a few months ago and the area seems to be brighter.

Andrea’s Response

Sounds like a lovely kitchen colour scheme to me Maree - bright and warm. If you have read many pages on this site you will have realised that I am a big fan of colour in general and in particular, I like to paint a feature wall in a bright colour that may be overwhelming if used for an entire room.

I think you have answered your own question really and I would agree with you that three walls in cream and one wall in orange would look good.

Making the room bright and light is important too and I think that painting the skirting board cream would not only brighten the room a little but would help it to tone in with the hallway.

A fabric like the one above would be great if used for a window treatment.

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