Japanese Themed Bedroom?

by Juanita

Japanese Cherry Dance in Kyoto

Japanese Cherry Dance in Kyoto

Hi there, my dilema is that I just moved to a room with light pink walls.

I have painted two of the walls medium gray and on one of them I have painted a white Japanese sun.

The floor has a wood color to it.

I would like to have kind of like a black and white theme to the room since my bedframe is black and I have white sheets/duvet but I'm worried it may look harsh.

Any suggestions about what color should I choose for the other two pink walls?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
Thanxx!!! :)

Andrea's Response

My immediate thought when reading your message was red. Black, white and red are a classic combination and certainly bring to mind a traditional Japanese colour scheme - because of the colour of the flag if nothing else.

That said though you may feel that using red may be a little too... 'in your face' for your taste in which case I would suggest you make the most of the pink you already have.

That'll cut down on the painting!

Cherry blossom comes to mind when I think of Japan and this would make for a softer colour scheme - perhaps more appropriate for a bedroom.

If you could accessorize the room with a cherry blossom bonsai - real or fake - then even better and if you have any metal in the room, wardrobe door pulls for example, silver will look much better than gold.

My thanks to Conveyor belt sushi @ flickr for the photo

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