Fruit and Vegetable Jars

by Surama
(Kolkata, India)

Preserved Fruit Decorative Jar

Preserved Fruit Decorative Jar

There are many simple and inexpensive methods of decorating your kitchen and making it a pleasant work place.

Glass bottles and jars of all different shapes and sizes are easily available.

You can put vinegar into them and fill with different colored vegetables to make a really eye-catching and colourful addition to your kitchen.

I like to put corn at the bottom of the bottle followed by green peas, then red capsicum cut into small pieces, then yellow capsicum and green capsicum but you can use any fruit or vegetables that you like.

Another idea is to string garlic and red chillies onto long strands of cotton thread and hang these.

Comments for Fruit and Vegetable Jars

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by: Janice

Does anyone know where I can buy empty jars in a shape similiar to the jar in the photo. I am also looking for urn shaped jars and other jars in interesting shapes and sizes.

by: kathy

Where can you purchase these how much??? website?? sizes???

Andrea's Response

Sorry Kathy but as I said before, the picture was used to illustrate the original comment and did not come from a sales site.

I have seen similar items in garden centers local to me though - the sort of garden centers that have lots of items that look home-made or made by craft enthusiasts rather than in factories if you know what I mean.

There are lots of sites online where you could get information about preserving or pickling your own fruit and vegetables so why not give that a try?

If you do decide to give it a go, please send us a photo afterwards!

Fruit In Vinegar Jar
by: ayesha

How and where can I buy this fruit vinegar jar?

Andrea's Response

I'm sorry Ayesha but as the lady who sent in the original comment didn't submit a picture I used this photo from a photo library to illustrate her submission.

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