Flea Market Bargains

by Jane

We felt we needed to provide some entertainment for families staying in our apartment to make it easier for them on the odd rainy day or night in.

We scoured the local markets and jumble sales for games, books and good quality toys.

We only spent a few Euros really but have received so many comments from guests including one whose son was ill on holiday which meant they had to spent several days indoors.

She said that the things we had left for them proved a 'lifesaver'.

Comments for Flea Market Bargains

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by: Sophie

I love to find a small library of paperbacks when I arrive at my holiday home. Most people are very decent about it and are happy to add to the collection with books they have finished and leave them for those still to come.

I always take...
by: Sandra

a selection of travel size games with me when we go away but it is always a lovely surprise when we arrive on holiday and find a cupboard full of games - some familiar and some new to us.

At home the kids spend a lot of time watching the TV but on holiday they would much rather sit with my husband and I and play a game than watch TV and I cherish that precious family time.

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