Extreme Wall Makeover

by Andrew
(Sherman, TX, USA)

Applying Mud

Applying Mud

I had some really ugly walls that needed some spicing up.

They were a horrible green color with holes everywhere. I decided that not only did they need decorating, they needed a complete makeover.

I took some mud that costs about 8 bucks for three gallons and slapped it all over the walls with a drywall brush and boom, no more ugly walls.

After that I primered the texture and put a nice darker red color of paint on top and to finish the job, I went out with my camera and took some nature pictures to develop in black and white.

Nothing looks better on red paint than black and white pictures with a nice black strong wood frame.

So if you go with my idea of a mud texture, make sure you use a good amount of water with your mud, make sure you primer the old paint, and choose a style and color you can't live without, because this texture is permanent, but very nice.

Plus it goes along with almost any style of decorating you prefer. I just chose the black and white because I like to take my own prints as a hobby.

Andrea's Response

Thanks Andrew - must admit I have never heard of mud.

According to eHow, it is "a mixture of water, expanded perlite, ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer, limestone and attapulgite" so now we know...

My thanks to DDFic @ flickr for the photo

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