Check out our BOI Cottage by the Gulf

by Barbara Howard
(Trinidad, CO)

Doggy Bag at our Cottage by the Gulf in Galveston, TX

Doggy Bag at our Cottage by the Gulf in Galveston, TX

This is a new rental and one that I was wondering if you could give us some insight into it.

Please check it out at*

Thanks and any help for the holidays we welcome all constructive criticism


Love this site!

Andrea's Response:

Hi Barbara

Your property really seems to have a lot of personality which is something I love.

I especially like the yellow cabin room - very pretty.

The property is quirky, comfortable and fun and I am sure you will do well with it.

If I was to make one constructive criticism it would be that if I was booking to stay, I would be a bit concerned where I would put my things as the house looks quite full already.

Really nice property though Barbara and thank you for writing in.

Kind regards,


*Sadly, this site seems to be no longer active.

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Thanks for your input
by: Barbara

I thank you for your input and appreciate your comments.

However, I'm sure you've heard the old addage "Pictures never do justice" The house is actually extremely open and available for your personal belongings because remember it is only a vacation rental which one will only be bringing along their clothes, and personals. The house has room for your luggage, clothes to be put away in drawers or closets to hang things up in which each closet has 10 hangers and 3 closets in which to hang it out. An armoire to place any bags or soft luggage into to get it off the floor.

A desk for your papers or to check out what Galveston has to offer and checking your e-mail. It's actually much roomier than a Hotel room and all conveniences with washer/dryer so that there are no coin operated machines that are being shared with other renters and that you have to keep going outside to check your laundry or waiting an hour in a laundrymat.

There is really no more furniture or things in this house than there are in a condo + there is more room and much better amenities.

Thanks for your comments! Try it out for yourself. I have specials going where if you stay 3 nights the 4th night is free!

Thanks again, Barb

Thanks Barbara - next time I'm in the area I'll call you!


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