Can I Join In?

by Jeannette

Lovely Covered Polside Terrace

Lovely Covered Polside Terrace

I don't have a vacation property of my own but I am a 'serial renter'.

We just got back from a villa holiday in Spain and one of the things we liked most about the property was the huge shaded terrace next to the pool.

Having red hair and freckles I am not comfortable sitting in the sun for long periods of time but need to be near enough the pool to supervise the kids.

When we are looking for villas to rent, it always surprises me how everyone focuses on how many sunny areas they have and often overlook to mention if they have shaded areas.

I don't want to spend two weeks huddled under a small parasol!

Just thought some villa owners might find this comment useful.

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Good point!
by: Sheila

I find that when travelling with children, a large shady terrace appeals to me much more than a very exposed sunny area.

We have been looking at villas recently for next summer and it surprises me that, especially in France, many of the pools seem set quite some distance away from the house surrounded by... nothing.

There is no way I could sit there for more than 10 minutes on a very hot day watching the children play in the pool.

I would much prefer a proper shaded area to relax in.

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