A Great Use For Old Window Frames

by Rachel
(Trinidad, Colorado, USA)

Window Frames Wall Decor

Window Frames Wall Decor

If you are looking for an original and creative idea for wall decor, sometimes the best place to look is around the house.

Old window frames can make an excellent base for wall decor. Windows with multiple panes are the best, and can be used to show off picture collages. Another great way to use them is to show case quilted fabrics.

Make sure to clean them well, but leave them otherwise unfinished to add to that rustic appeal.

For mounting purposes just use picture frame screws and mounting wire. These "frames" add rustic charm to any home.

Andrea's Response

I really like them 'empty' like in the picture above or with mirror put behind. Any glass or mirror shop will be able to cut the mirror piece to the right size if you take the frame into the shop.

My thanks to back_garage @ flickr for the photo.

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Old Wooden Window Frames
by: Rhonda

Do you have any idea where I could buy old wooden window frames to make a window picture out of?

Andrea's Response

You may be lucky and spot one at your local 'tip' or refuse depot.

You could also keep a look out for local houses that are being refurbished and having replacement windows fitted as I'm sure the old window frames would just be thrown away so the home owner or builder would probably be more than happy to let you help yourself.

Alternatively, you could ask window replacement firms in your area as they may be asked to take away the old windows when fitting replacements in which case they would probably allow you to take whatever you want.

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